Mass. Marine Educators
25th High School Marine Science Symposium

Bridgewater State College Biology undergraduate, Greg Gaudreau, and NECWA staff member Carol “Krill” Carson provided a workshop at the Mass Marine Educators 25th High School Marine Science Symposium on March 19, 2008. Krill was also representing Captain John Boats who supported much of her efforts in putting together this hands-on workshop. This was the second year that Greg and the third year that Krill haveShowing some marine specimens to some interested students. participated in this annual symposium for interested area high school students. Over 70 students from New England schools attended one of the two workshops that Krill and Greg provided.

This Marine Science Symposium was held on the UMASS - Dartmouth campus and the symposium’s theme was “A Quarter of a Century of Marine Science.” This symposium provided an exciting glimpse into the marine world from a diversity of speakers from throughout Massachusetts, including researchers from the University of Massachusetts Marine Science Research Center (SMAST) and its Biology, Chemistry, and Engineering Departments. Students were provided the opportunity to investigate current and on-going projects in marine science and related disciplines. This symposium included 20 workshops and 2 keynotes speeches for up to 400 students and teachers from the New England area.

The workshop provided by Krill and Greg was titled “The Sharks of New England, NEBShark and You!” This workshop provided a review of our New England sharks with a Greg Gaudreau during his lecture on sharks.focus on the basking shark, the second largest shark in the world reaching lengths of up to 40 feet. Students learned that this gentle giant is a filter feeder who strains plankton, not people, out of the water. And they learned about NECWA’s community sighting network, the New England basking Shark Project that enlists the help of the general public to report sightings of basking sharks and ocean sunfish sighted in our New England waters. Workshop participants received free educational literature including the NEBShark sighting kit. And students also had a chance to examine up close baleen from a humpback and minke whale as well as preserved sand lance and copepods.

NECWA’s annual participation in this symposium provides BSC undergraduates with public speaking and community outreach opportunities. These experiences help prepare these budding scientists for their continued participation in the field of marine science. Go to the internship page to learn more about NECWA’s internship program that collaborates with local high schools and colleges in partnership with Captain John Boats out of Plymouth. Please also consider making a donation to NECWA if you would like to see NECWA continue to provide these types of community and learning experiences to young people in the New England area.


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