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Help support activities sponsored by the New England Coastal Wildlife Alliance by making a tax deductible donation today.

NECWA is a 501(c)3 organization and all donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. Make a general donation to NECWA or specify the project you would like to support from the list below. NECWA is an all-volunteer nonprofit so 100% of any donation goes back into our many projects and activities. NECWA thanks you for your generosity and continued support.

Projects your money will help support:

Marine Wildlife Research Project
This project is a collaboration with Bridgewater State University and Plymouth Whale Watching. Upper level high school students, undergraduate and graduate students participate in NECWA's internship program. Your support will help NECWA purchase the necessary field equipment as well as provide small stipends to participating interns.

New England Basking Shark and Ocean Sunfish Project
A community marine sighting network that trains public volunteers to report sightings of basking sharks and ocean sunfish in New England waters. NECWA staff also respond to ocean sunfish strandings that occur along the shores of Cape Cod Bay each fall and early winter.

Southcoast Terrapin Research
In the summer of 2016, and in collaboration with Mass Audubon at Wellfleet Bay, NECWA began a study of the diamondback terrapin in the marshes, bays, and inlets of Marion, Onset, and Wareham. This population study will help us better understand the number of terrapins that are living and nesting in specific areas of the southcoast.

The Nature Connection
This project focuses on helping to better connect the general public, especially young children, with the unique coastal marine organisms that share our coastlines. Your support will allow NECWA to purchase nets, scopes and other necessary equipment for these types of outdoor nature programs that help connect learners of all ages with coastal marine habitats.

Classroom and Community Marine Wildlife Presentations
Your support will allow us to continue to offer reasonably priced programs to local communities and to students of all ages and backgrounds.

Educational Festivals and Events
NECWA attends many local festivals and events in New England to spread the word about our unique coastal marine wildlife. Your support will allow NECWA to sponsor an educational booth that distributes free educational material and provides hands-on learning activities for festival participants.

Inflatable Basking Shark
How better to get across the immense size of a basking shark then by displaying a full-sized model on a lawn or in a classroom? Your support will help NECWA raise the money needed to purchase a commercial model of a life-sized basking shark through Landmark Creations.

Special NECWA Projects that need your support

Inflatable Salt, the Humpback Whale
Help NECWA purchase a commercial-grade inflatable whale model. NECWA created a life-sized inflatable whale of Salt, the most famous humpback whale in the world! Our Salt is made from lots of construction plastic and clear packaging tape. Unfortunately, this home-made model is not holding-up to all the wear and tear. Therefore, NECWA would like to purchase a commercially made inflatable as a replacement. Click (here) to go to our GoFundMe site to donate today. Thank you!

Members of Marine Stranding Networks
NECWA staff and interns are trained volunteers for a number of local marine stranding centers in southeastern Massachusetts, including the New England Aquarium Stranding Center and IFAW's Marine Mammal Rescue and Research Team. Donate through Just Give (on our home page) to help NECWA purchase the needed field equipment and supplies that allow us to assist at strandings of live and dead marine animals. NECWA staff and interns also participate in marine mammal necropsies that provide vital information about the cause of death and the health of the individual that stranded and died on our New England shores.

How To Donate

If you would like to support us and the work we do on behalf of coastal marine wildlife, please send a check or money order to:
NECWA - New England Coastal Wildlife Alliance
P.O. Box 92
North Carver, MA 02355

Or donate online using either Just Give or PayPal. Please click the appropriate button below.

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