NSTA Conference Workshop on
Salt, The Humpback Whale

On March 28. 2008, Ms. Beth Fauvell (Kindergarten teacher, Middleboro Public Schools),Carol “Krill” Carson, Beth Fauvell, Dr. John Jahoda at the NSTA 2008 Conference. Dr. John Jahoda (Professor of Biology, Bridgewater State College), and Ms. Carol “Krill” Carson (Captain John Boats and the New England Coastal Wildlife Alliance) provided a one hour workshop at the National Science Teachers Association’s (NSTA) 2008 National Conference in Boston, MA. The title of their workshop was “Learning about Salt, the Humpback Whale.” Salt is the most well known humpback whale that is still living today and that migrates north each season to feed and raise her young in the coastal waters off New England.Salt coming close to the boat with one of her calves. Photo courtesy of Dan Knaub, The Whale Video Company

The purpose of this program was to show how the story of Salt’s life could be used to help elementary children learn about whales and other marine wildlife. To provide a program appropriate to the elementary level, these presenters showed how teachers could easily and affordably incorporate a variety of learning media and formats, including songs, art, and movement, into their curriculum. Much of this material included hands-on activities such as the bubbler glove activity and a filter-feeding demonstration.

This presentation developed out of a prior talk that Ms. Carson presented to the entire Dr. Jahoda presenting at NSTA.  In the foreground are all the display items and hands-on activities used during this workshop. Photo courtesy of NECWA.Kindergarten school at School Street in Middleboro, MA in the spring of 2007. This collaboration with Ms. Fauvell and Dr. Jahoda produced a wide variety of materials and activities that were used during this workshop. The students at School Street School enjoyed the program so much that Ms. Carson decided to submit the program to NSTA for their 2008 conference in Boston. This spring, the Middleboro Public Schools are hoping to have Mrs. Carson come back once again to tell Kindergarten students about the life of her friend, Salt.Watercolor painting of Salt, the humpback whale, that uses salt crystals  to create artistic patterns. Photo courtesy of NECWA

If you and your classroom would like to adopt Salt and obtain the educational materials used in this workshop,go to our adoption page and select the “Classroom Adoption of Salt, the Humpback Whale.” Included in this deluxe adoption package are curriculum supplements that were used during this workshop. Also provided are resources and contact information of additional materials that were also used in this unique, hands-on workshop.


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