Massachusetts Ocean Day

On Nov 15, 2007 Dr. Patricia Mancini, Carol “Krill” Carson and Ann Cook traveled to the State House to attend “Mass Oceans Day” an event in support of the Massachusetts Oceans Act. The bill, which has unanimously passed the state Senate, is currently before the MassOcean Action Poster.state legislature. They presented posters showcasing the partnerships between Bridgewater State College, Capt. Johns Boats and The New England Coastal Wildlife Alliance, in the training of undergraduate interns in various aspects of marine science. One of the main internship programs focuses on data collection and analyses for larger marine species - baleen whales, basking sharks, etc. - that are sighted from vessels owned and operated by Captain John Boats, a commercial whale watching company out of Plymouth Harbor.

Senator Robert O’Leary, co-sponsor of the Massachusetts Ocean Act, hosted Mass Oceans Day. The highlight of the event was the keynote address provided by Mr. Leon Panetta. Mr. Panetta is part of the Join Ocean Commission Initiative and former White House Chief of Staff to President Clinton and Congressman from California. Mr. Panetta has also served on the Pew Ocean Commission and is very devoted to preserving our oceans for future generations.

There were forty-five exhibitors from a range of non-profits, industry associations, academic institutions and government agencies. The diverse group helped raise awareness in the Legislature about ocean related issues, research and education and the critical need for a comprehensive ocean management plan to protect the Bay State’s ocean resources and maritime heritage.

As part of the educational material displayed at this public event, two posters were created using a PowerPoint template. These posters were displayed on the table and were very well received by participants at the State House.
To view these posters that describe in more detail the collaboration between, New England Coastal Wildlife Alliance, BSC and Captain John Boats, please click on Poster 1 “Bridgewater State College and Captain John Boats - Research, Education and Community Involvement in the Marine Sciences”¬†and Poster 2 “NECWA - Connecting People to Coastal Marine Wildlife”.

The intent of the Mass. Oceans Act is to foster a comprehensive plan rather than the current fragmented approach to the management of ocean resources. The bill mandates the management of our State waters using an ecosystem approach that would allow for a more comprehensive and inclusive view of the subtle yet important interactions between ocean systems and marine wildlife.

To learn more about the Mass Oceans Act and how you can help support this effort, visit the Mass Ocean Campaign web site at Mass Ocean Action.


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