Salt & Pepper Valentine Cards (5-pk)

Salt & Pepper Valentine Cards (5-pk)
Salt & Pepper Valentine Cards (5-pk) Salt & Pepper Valentine Cards (5-pk)
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Pack of 5 "Salt & Pepper" Valentine cards with envelopes designed by NECWA. Each card is 4.25" by 5.5". The text on the front of this Valentine card says "We go together like Salt & Pepper." Below are drawings of the ventral tail patterns of Salt and Pepper, the two most famous humpback whales that feed in the waters off New England each summer. The inside of the card is blank so you can write your own message. The black and white tail patterns are unique to each humpback whale, allowing researchers to identify individual humpback whales. 

Salt was the first humpback whale to be given a name while Pepper was the second humpback whale to be named. Salt was named for the extensive white scarring on the top of her dorsal fin, like someone "salted it." Pepper was named for her association with Salt as they were seen swimming side-by-side. Both whales are moms who have successfully raised many humpback calves. 

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